Hello everybody,

My name is Catarina and I am a Portuguese Architect and a student of Organic Skincare. My concern with sustainability and with my ecological footprint started long time ago, while I was still in college. At home, in Lisbon, we always had huge amounts of disposable plastic to throw away after shopping! That was not making any sense to me and very early I started to search ways to avoid being part of this system for more eco-friendly alternatives. My first step was to shop fruit and vegetables in the local market and trying to make my own cosmetics trying also to avoid all the single-use plastic packaging and all the cancer causing ingredients.

3 years ago I moved from Lisbon to London, and I got very surprised to see that almost everything was packed in plastic and to see so many reusable disposable cups, take away boxes and plastic straws everywhere! So much trash in just one day with such a short period of use! I knew I wanted to make the difference, I knew that I did not want to contribute to all that trash, so I started looking more deeply for alternatives. After sharing with family and friends what I was finding, after struggling so much to find good alternatives in Portugal, I decided that I wanted to create an online shop where people could easily get better alternative products. With the help and support of Christian, my Danish company partner, that dream came true and in July 2017 we created Mind The Trash.

Mind the Trash is a Portuguese company based in Lisbon and our main strategy is blogging about and selling products that are alternatives to the many plastic/non-natural products on the market today. Here you will find video tutorials, recommendations, discussions and much more to create awareness about alternative products and methods to reduce trash. We want to share with you all my knowledge and hope you too will want to start this sustainable journey!

Thank you for all your support!

Catarina Matos

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Track & Trace Shipping

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Money Back Guarantee

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Eco-friendly packaging

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Founder and blogger

Architect, Student of Organic Skincare, Blogger & Founder of Mind The Trash.



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Financial Advisor. MA in Sports Managment. Lead Designer of Mind The Trash.



Model & Moral Support

Bali was rescued very sick. Now he is part of our family, our model and moral support!

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