Nowadays, when going to a supermarket, we can find a lot of different Toilet Paper brands. Different types, sizes, colours and patterns. But are you making the right choice when you buy your toilet paper?

Most people want to make smart choices when going shopping, but most of the times, we are tricked by packaging and labeling. You should always have in mind that cheapest option isn’t always the best one.

How to choose your toilet paper?

First thing you should do before even looking at the prices is to check the diameter of the paper tube. A lot of brands have increased the diameter of the paper tubes. This means that you are buying less paper for the same price. In consequence, you need to buy Toilet Paper more often and spend more money. So, choose the brand with the smallest diameter you can find.

Secondly, check the total thickness of the paper sheets. To do this, just press the paper between your fingers and check how much it shrinks. You can easily do it with the rolls inside the packaging. I do it all the time when I don’t know the brand. Buy the one that is more compact.

If your toilet paper shrinks a lot, then it has less sheets and it will probably not last too long.

This will save you money!

If you have a small diameter tube and compact paper sheets, you are buying more toilet paper. Therefore, it will last longer and you won´t need to buy as often. Thus, you will be saving money!

Are there any other benefits from making this choice?

Yes. By reducing the number of times that you need to buy Toilet Paper, you are saving in plastic packaging. Thus, you are also saving in the amount of paper tubes you consume.

These rules are valid for recycled paper and common toilet paper. Make smart choices, save paper tubes, plastic packaging and money!

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