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The 1st Zero Waste Online Store in Portugal

Reused boxes and recyclable | Paper Tape | Reused conditioning paper or recycled | Compost of damaged boxes

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“Sustainability: Products that were created to remove plastic from the equation”

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“Mind The Trash: Reducing the use of plastic, one product at a time”

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“Natural solutions to get plastic out of your life”


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Real People_ Minding our Trash With Catarina Matos

“Catarina takes every step of her on-line shop to express this concept: «Mind The Trash stands for a relaxed working environment and fights for transparency, fair-trade market, honesty, social and financial sustainability».”

Inspiring People

“I don’t like to go shopping and the alternatives I see in online stores called “bio”, “healthy” and “environmentally friendly” often do not meet my selection criteria. A friend told me about Mind The Trash an online store where I can buy natural cosmetics, (…) plastic free, with natural ingredients and free of chemicals.”

Sustainable online stores

“Here, you will find turotials, recommendations, discussions regarding sustainability and much more, to create awareness regarding sustainable products and methods that we can use to reduce the amount of trash we make.”


Christmas Gifts that encourage Zero Waste

“This Christmas is also a great way to encourage your friends to make changes. How? Starting by offering them more sustainable options. Options that will substitute disposable objects or wrapped unnecessarily in plastic, that we use on a daily basis.”

Palhinhas Recicláveis Impõe Estilo Em Prol do Ambiente

“Concern with the environment around us and with future generations forces the change of habits and to put aside some objects so far always at hand. It is the case of plastic straws that already have substitutes and in most varied eco-friendly materials.”

Catarina Matos: “I hope to inspire more and more people”

“Today, 3rd of July, marks the International Day Without Plastic Bags and our blog did not want to let the ephemeris pass in pain. We talked with Catarina Matos, architect, passionate about the environment and committed to “fighting” plastic through Mind The Trash”.


Mind The Trash: a store dedicated to a minimalistic lifestyle and without waste

“A Mind The Trash is a portuguese online store that sells eco-friendly and organic products to whom is searching to follow a lifestyle with no no waste. UniPlanet spoke with Catarina Matos, the co-founder of Mind The Trash, that showed us this beautiful project.”

Mind the Trash, I became a fan

“Some time ago I placed an order to Mind The Trash with some things I had to share with you because they can change your life (and perhaps the world), and they really deserve to be publicized. So if you want to contribute to the change of the planet, share the article with your friends and family so that we can reach as many people as possible”.

Surrended to a brand

“I met this brand through Mind The Trash with the peppermint toothpaste (which I told you about it), it lasted me almost 5 months, a dream. While my boyfriend spent 3 industrial toothpastes (yes he didn´t adapt to the pastes without foam), I used mine from Georganics.”



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Talk How To Have a More Sustainable Christmas | Escola Superior de Educação de Lisboa
Sustainable Christmas Wrapping

Mercado de Natal Amigo da Terra | Oficina da Cultura – Praça S. João Baptista
Live With Less Trash



Eco summit | The Ethical Assembly
Waste not, want not! Tips and best practices for ethical & responsible living



We Are Zero Waste Youth Global Meeting | Museu do Mar e Casa Paula Rego
How To Have a Sustainable Business: Our Vision

Sede Mind the trash
Our Testimony: How To Have A More Sustainable Business

Wellness & Wellbeing | Whitestar Asset Solutions
Reducing Plastic: Tips and Recipes



Eco Cascais | Museu do Mar e Casa Paula Rego, Cascais
Sustainable Businesses

Couraveg | Paredes de Coura
Zero Waste Panel



Impact Hub
Talk: Ocean Protection



Bazar Sustentável Seixal | Mercado Municipal do Seixal
Zero Waste Summer



For a More Sustainable Society

Instituto Superior Técnico | Sensibilization To The Use Of Plastic
For A More Sustainable Lifestyle



Bazar Sustentável Seixal | Mercado Municipal do Seixal
Sharing ways to reduce trash



Mercadinho Sustentável | Centro Comercial Alegro Alfragide
How To Reduce Plastic Consumption In Everyday Life




28th of October

Value Small Changes / Actions

3rd of February

International Day Without Straws