Classic Handmade Wooden Soap Dish

Wooden soap dish, handcrafted in Portugal with olive wood from Alentejo region. The design of the soap dish is ideal for any soap or solid shampoo. The corrugated shape lifts the soap from the water and allows air to circulate around it, helping the drying process. Olive wood has tightly closed pores, ideal for kitchen or bathroom products.

Long lasting and compostable, made exclusively of olive tree.

In the care and cleaning olive wood is unpretentious:
Since its essential oils kill germs, the wood is largely self-cleaning, and the constant contact with water does a rest. Soap residue and any
dirt can be removed under warm water with a cloth or brush. Rubbing with olive oil gives new strength to the colors of olive wood and extends the life of your bath accessories. But it’s enough if you do that twice a year.

Some people who buy a soap dish made of olive wood wonder about the reddish-brown, fortunately easy to wipe stains that leave these wooden objects in the early days on the sink or bathtub edge. This “bleeding” is a natural process and not a sign of poor quality or artificial additives in the wood: When moisture penetrates into intensively colored wood, it leaches out water-soluble pigments. Unfortunately this can’t be avoided if you do not dry the wood every time it gets damp.

The good news is that the problem is getting smaller and disappears by itself after a few months. Then you can really enjoy your beautiful soap dish for years to come.

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Did you know that… olive wood is a high density wood with closed pores. Its shafts allow the execution of unique and exuberant pieces.

Wood treated with natural oils to resist moisture. Because they are made with natural material, the wood pattern will vary from soap dish to soap dish. 11.5cm x 8cm x 1.8cm

Shape: Oval or Rectangular

Made in Portugal with Alentejo olive wood.

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